Our Story

Every Image Has a Story Behind It


I grew up in a small village in the province of Chiang Rai, Thailand.  Ever since I was a child I never thought that I could make someone smile and release a tear of happiness.  Once I discovered my own passion and purpose I realized I wanted to share my story more than ever.  My passion is to spark the dreams and hopes of others to a life worth living through giving.  I’m always drawn to the real-life stories of the people of my home country and her neighbors.  Inspired by the Women and Children I have met on each of my trips back to Thailand I find myself striving to help them with their hopes and dreams.

My journeys have taken me along the edge of Mekong River the border of Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia and Thailand.  Returning home I’ve grown to see the needs of these indigenous cultures through new eyes.   This is an ancient country united by storytelling and nature where traditional customs are still practiced.  I want to use the opportunities I’ve earned as a way to project hope and preserve the rich Cultural Traditions and way of life of myself and the people of this border region.      

I am one of the village dreamers born among the hillsides of this region and that will always be a part of me. I continue to go back there to explore my roots. It's a spiritual place, a very special place, which has a lot to do with the people who live there.  I still feel the energy and hunger for opportunity people with little voice grow up with.  Now if we able to do a little bit of sharing (changing the way we do things) we can make a different in someone's life... both now and forever!!



How the Tiny Elephant Began its Journey


In 2014 my husband and I sold our house and went to Asia for year to embark on a journey of self-discovery that took us to many places.   We traveled around Thailand (my home country) for 6 months and then on to Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia and Vietnam, staying in each place for about two weeks.   Each place on that trip became a turning point for me, and what I found was not what I expected.  While we were traveling throughout Southeast Asia I stumbled onto my own bigger purpose.  I met children working in horrendous conditions sitting around a fire boiling pots of dirty water to loosen and clean the wax out of candle molds with their little hands.  I met children attempting to raise themselves without parents around to help.  Children working so hard just to earn one meal a day.  Kids climbing the tall iron fence to get close enough to a Temple School so that they might hear the lesson through the window.  Single mothers carrying their crying babies down the street looking for work.  Elders left behind to fend on their own. I saw so many desperate situations of human suffering that it had a profound effect on me.  Tiny Elephant is more than a colorful clothing line, it is an opportunity to help others and validate their stories.


Each purchase of a Tiny Elephant product helps marginalized woman learn basic life-skills like reading and writing so they can get better jobs and support their families. Tiny Elephant donates funding for small projects like building a water tank at a school (so kids can drink clean water), and supports the education of underprivileged children. I truly believe education will make the difference. Education is the best way to achieve a better life and helps children avoid the dangers of human trafficking & child labor. 


Tiny Elephant gives 20% of its annual sales to help support the efforts of single moms and older ladies as they grow their cottage industries.  Without having to leave their home villages women are making products like hand-woven cloth, applique, hand embroidery, flower & laundry baskets out of the bamboo, and hand painted paper lamps.


“Ladies when you wear a Tiny Elephant outfit you can feel the stylish empowerment, because you are a part of it."